Bet of the week is about one man’s wish to make money from Betfair.  It is possible to make money from Betfair but for every winner there has to be a loser.

My system is a high risk high reward one.  Basically, start with a £50 bet.  Either bet on strong favourites or lay teams that have little chance of winning and maybe a few lay 0-0 bets thrown in.  The main focus will be on football but any sport will do.  Every bet is 100% of the bank.

I am hoping to be able to profit from what I see as my ability to predict no hopers.  Basically, I see some betting propositions that just just would not happen in a million years. The magic of Betfair allows me to lay these losers and profit.

Exponential growth means that I need 27 bets at about 1.3 (3/10) to turn my £50 in to £1000.  If I lose at any stage, I’ve just got to think, I’ve only lost £50 and start again.

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